Trial Technologies can provide PowerPoint services for any level of need:
  • From custom design templates, we focus on your specific requirements and match them with solutions to dynamically present your case.
  • Our designers work with you to develop presentations which have graphic visual impact to enhance your message or argument.
  • We assist you in reducing complex information into simple to follow visual sequences for the jury.
  • We define your presentation needs, and then build and edit the files, and refine them to maximize effectiveness.
  • Interactive displays such as reveal charts, check charts, and maps will illustrate a change of events for the jurors. Information is introduced when desired, so jurors cannot get ahead of you, and are led at your control and pace.

PowerPoint is useful for:

  • Mediations / arbitrations
  • Conceptualizing arguments
  • Shaping opening / closing arguments
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  • 3-d Charts
  • Animations
  • Video deposition
  • Video reconstructions
  • Trial testimony excerpts
  • Timelines
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Court technician

  • On the fly
  • Depo excerpts Documents
  • Jury consultation

Sanction/Trial director