Settlement Documentaries

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Settlement Video Montage
Settlement documentaries are designed to present your case to a mediator, insurance adjustor or opposing counsel. They are a persuasive and indispensable tool for presenting aspects of a lawsuit, commanding meaningful settlement negotiations, and ensuring a favorable and expeditious settlement.
Cases suited to settlement documentaries include: personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, malpractice, wrongful termination, and business litigation. Nearly any type of case can benefit from a powerfully produced video.
Attorneys know what their experts and the opposing experts will say. What they don't know is the most important factor, how your client and witnesses will tell their story on the stand. The settlement documentary, in its best form, effectively communicates the "missing piece" to the opposition, so they can make sound decisions about settling a case.
The real power of a well produced video is that it can turn a good case into a great case. If you have a good case, the settlement video tells the story of the victim in a documentary style, brings to life the impact and emotion of the case, and turns it into a great case with increased monetized value.