About Trial Technologies

Trial Technologies was founded in 1995. Our offices are located in West Los Angeles, and we work throughout the United States. We are a full service litigation support company. Our aim is to assist attorneys at any juncture: from the point a case is filed through the appeal process.
We owe our success to our dedication to the highest quality of work and attentive service. Our client retention and growth reflects this commitment. We are continuing to grow, but never at the expense of diluting production quality or level of service.
We specialize in making cases more persuasive to arbitrators, mediators, and jurors. We’ve worked on some of the largest civil verdicts in history, with experience in over four hundred jury trials to verdict. We are proud to have prominent attorneys as our loyal clients.
Our website should allow you to explore the facets of our business to any degree or depth you wish. We welcome your inquiry to specifically discuss any matter, great or small.
Your case is important to us.

Document Management

Attorneys can call on us for work in data recovery, building and operating a web repository, scanning and database creation, E-data discovery, imaging, and coding.

Trial Consultation

We perform case assessment, argument conceptualization assistance, witness and expert preparation, venue analysis, and jury selection evaluation and strategy. We’ll work with you to develop case themes with coinciding graphics. We’ll assemble focus groups, and through monitoring and analysis, yield the best strategy for the case. We can conduct mock trials, using themes, evidence, and presentation materials to evaluate the approach for arbitration, mediation or trial.

Trial Presentation

Trial Tech is expert in creating effective PowerPoint presentations. We also use a variety of other graphic arts tools; from 3-D charts to animations, timelines, and video reconstructions. Our court technicians are available to operate the equipment and material on behalf of the attorneys presenting the case in court.

Settlement Videos

Our documentaries have proven to be forceful in cases to deliver the greatest monetized value when presented to mediators, adjustors, or opposing counsel.

Legal Video Services

Our services include complete ‘Day In The Life’ productions, and the full range of video management including: depositions, digitization, synchronization, editing, and duplication.

Equipment Rentals

Courtroom presentations require reliable equipment. We always provide our clients with state-of-the-art equipment.


We provide professional investigations, from product liability claims, to malpractice, environmental, and employment issues. Every aspect of investigation is available, from background inquiries, to witness locates, process serving and surveillance.

Secure Evidence Storage

We have facilities for secure evidence storage. We’re able to provide warehousing to maintain chain of evidence, an engineering inspection area, and handling vehicles from locating them, through to their final disposition.